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Glad to have this Lock

Sep 02, 2011 by Linda Allen

We purchased the safe slider door lock about a year ago after recommendation from a friend. We are so glad to have this lock, our sliding glass door is so much more secure. Now I don't dread opening the door, knowing I can open & lock it easily and it just feels much more secure. Thank you!

I’m so glad I found your product!

Sep 02, 2011 by Angela Hausner

I’m so glad I found your product! Our home has a giant old patio door that was installed backwards in the early 60’s. Conventional security items are not an option since they would have to be installed on the OUTSIDE of the door. I ordered the Safeslider as soon as I found your website. We easily installed it and have a much more secure door that our child can’t open. Also, this door was the only vulnerable entry point into our home (with just the flimsy lock on the handle) and the Safeslider gives us peace of mind that our home is more secure. Thanks for offering a solution to a problem we didn’t think could be solved!
Angela Hausner
Pflugerville, TX

Now retired and living alone

Sep 02, 2011 by Mrs.B.A.Graham in Apopka, FL

Mr. June ,
I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for introducing me to your patio door locks.
My husband was a builder for many years and refused to have sliding doors in our homes. Now retired and living alone I moved into a house with slider doors. I was very unsafe with this situation until you installed you patio door locks in my home. Thank you for your courtesy and the professional job.

I can't tell you how happy my wife is

Sep 02, 2011 by Bill in The Villages, FL

I can't tell you how happy my wife is since you put in the 2 patio door locks at our home. As you know, I do a fair share of traveling and when Marie is home alone she really feels safer knowing that it is virtually impossible for and intruder to lift the sliding door panel out of the frame. When we realized how easy it was to lift it out before the installation, we were thankful that nobody had walked through that open door that we had into our home!

We highly recommend it for all homeowner with sliding doors.

Sep 02, 2011 by Aston and Veronica Evans

We are recent occupants of a home in Central Florida which has sliding doors that open to a large backyard. Even though the home is occupied predominantly by my husband and myself, we have our five grand children (the youngest being 2 years old) who frequent visitors. They are fascinated by the openness of the area and especially by the easy access to the backyard. The 2 year old has learned how to open doors and practices this new found skill frequently. Having the patio door lock installed on our sliding doors have given us great comfort and peace of mind in knowing that she is unable to manipulate the lock to open the door. The lock is placed at a safe height which prohibits her from reaching it and cannot be easily manipulated by her school age siblings.

The Safe Slider Double Bolt Lock also provides great security from intruders. The doors cannot be lifted out of their tracks, which is a frequent way in which intruders gain access into your home. An additional advantage to the lock is its sleek, modern look that goes well with the sliding door frame. It fits securely and snugly on the door which makes it virtually unnoticeable.

100% satisfied with the purchase and the ease of installation

Sep 02, 2011 by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Califar III

We, the Califar Family, purchased 4 sliding door locks from Mr. Robert June about 2 years ago. We have been very pleased with the quality and performance of the sliding door locks. We highly recommend them for all families. To those who live by themselves, families with child(ren), the elderly, and those who simply want the assurance that your home is secure and safe. We have a small child and also purchased the patio door locks to have at the grandparents home. We feel safe and secure from outsiders not getting in and our small child from not getting outside. They are easy to install and use on any door. We highly recommend these child proof sliding door locks and are 100% satisfied with the purchase and the ease of installation.

The Best Sliding Door Lock Available , USA 5.0 5.0 66 66 Great product! Installed on my glass sliding doors and now feel safe and secure. It is nice to know when I leave no one will be breaking in. Easy to install.

9 Responses to SafeSlider Voted Best Sliding Door Lock Available!

  1. Patrick Irlbeck says:

    We have a triple sliding glass door & all three sections pocket for a large opening. Will the single SafeSlider installed just above the single door pull as shown in video be sufficient to prevent this type of pocketing door from being pried open or lifted from the track? Or do I need to approach this type of door differently?

  2. Gene Zdrowak says:

    On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 11:30 AM, wrote:
    Because of SAFE SLIDER, we feel more secure.
    You have installed locks on all of our sliding doors,
    plus the guardian door lock on our front door.
    Most sliding glass doors come equipped with a lock
    that is easily pried open and they can be lifted out of
    their tracks from the outside.
    Your high security guardian door lock is required to
    prevent being kicked from the door frame when locked.
    Many thanks!
    Gene Z.

  3. Larry E. Brincefield says:

    Talked with Rob on cell phone and said to send an email.
    Interested in installation of sliding door locks.
    You indicated you would be in our area on Wednesday.
    We live in Stonecrest.
    Thank you.

    Larry E. Brincefield
    17650 S E 120th Ct.
    Summerfield, Fl 34491


  4. Robert A Wilson - Twinsburg, OH says:

    I recently bought 2 sliding door locks from Home Depot; one was totally defective and one didn’t fit my type of door; at least they gave me a refund. So I went online and found Safe Slider for a lot more money but I ordered anyway and received prompt delivery as they said I would. I tried to mount the latch in the frame channel (1 1/8″ deep) of my plastic slider and the latch didn’t fit. I called Rob and found out that a plastic door frame requires a latch that doesn’t come in the standard kit and it isn’t mentioned in the website or the installation instructions, but he sent one out right away. With the new latch, I was able to do the installation quickly and the lock worked fine. I am pleased with my Safe Slider lock and, most importantly, my wife is very pleased with the Safe Slider.

  5. Ruben from Orlando, FL says:

    “Chance favors the prepared mind”, (coined by Louis Pasteur) is one of the mottos I live by. I had recently bought three new sliding glass doors, the ones which slid from both sides. Because of this the traditional wedge bar was not going to work in securing both doors at the same time. I searched at the box stores for a solution and almost went with a system which did not satisfy me completely. I decided to go on-line which is where I ran into the safe slider locks. I purchased six of them one for each door. Installation was very easy and straight forward and the on-line video made it a breeze. About three month after installing them I noticed that someone tried to break in using a screw driver; they mangled the area around the locks fairly bad but the doors did not open. I completely believe this was because of the slider locks. Put very simply the way this product is designed and the way it installs there is very little chance someone will be able to slide the doors open once the locks are engage. I in fact show them off to my friends and always say “the only way someone is going to get in through those doors is by breaking the glass”. Excellent product! I completely recommend it!

  6. stephanie morgan says:

    One of the comments says “if only you would come up with something for the windows”. What a great idea! I would love locks for the windows. I have some but they keep falling off.

  7. LuisMontero says:

    Delivery was right on time.
    Easy to install.
    When I called,.. you guys were very professional.
    Most of all, I feel safer now.

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