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As the recession forces
people out of work and into desperate situations, communities large and
small are seeing a spike in crime ranging from car breaks to home invasions and burglaries. And many fear  the worst is yet to come. A weak economy is synonymous with certain types of crime. When people can no longer afford to pay loans on cars, homes, and businesses they may resort to crime.

The increases in gang activity in local neighborhoods has residents scared. Orange County deputies arrest at least 50 gang members every
month. Deputies said the violence is putting innocent people in danger. In an apartment complex on University Boulevard, deputies said a female gang member committed a home invasion last spring and shot a man who
was lying face down in the back.

With this kind of activity going on across the country in both urban and rural areas, it makes sense to get secure with sliding door locks or patio door locks.

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Recent Headlines

Austin Daily Herald - Austin, MN -
An Austin man has been charged with burglarizing two residences Thursday night. According to the police complaints, a homeowner reported late Thursday that a “short male” wearing a “big, dark jacket” reportedly attempted to enter the home through the rear deck sliding door.

The 18 year old suspect was arrested after police located him on a bicycle. He is charged with felony third-degree burglary.

KOCO 5 - Oklahoma City -
OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are looking for the man who broke into an Oklahoma City apartment and threatened a woman who was staying there.

Officers said the man got into the apartment near Pennsylvania Avenue and Memorial Road by opening an unlocked sliding glass door. Police Sgt. said Alicia, 19, was asleep in the bedroom of the apartment but woke up when she heard a noise from her living room. She opened her bedroom door and saw the man, who was pointing a gun at her. "I just slammed the door and said, 'God, please don't hurt me," Alicia said.

She then called 911 from the bedroom and police arrived in a matter of minutes. The man got away with a television and Ofsack's purse.

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More Headlines: - Ocala, FL -
OCALA, FL - Two burglaries reported; items worth $21,000 taken. Marion County sheriff’s deputies are investigating two burglaries in different sections of the county on Wednesday during which the thief or thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, televisions, computers and purses.

On Dogwood Trail Place in Silver Springs Shores, deputies say someone entered through a sliding glass door and took jewelry, purses and computers.

Daily Journal - San Mateo, CA -
Authorities believe Perez used the bar to pry open the home’s rear sliding door and surprised her after entering the residence. The suspect in a near-fatal beating that left an elderly homeowner blind appeared in court yesterday but declined to enter a plea to multiple felonies, including attempted murder.

Daly City police found the semi-conscious 78-year-old victim beaten on the head and face with a crowbar inside her Serramonte neighborhood home. After the attack, he then fled the home through the front door, setting off the silent alarm, and left the scene in the getaway car driven by an accomplice.

The victim survived the attack but Daly City police said yesterday the once-active senior was left permanently blind and is now confined to a rest home.

Chicago Sun-Times - Burbank, IL -
A home in the 8300 block of Lockwood in Burbank was burglarized, a release from Burbank police said.

The burglar apparently gained entry though a sliding door in the rear of the home, police said. During the burglary the homeowner came home and discovered the burglar in her home, then witnessed him flee.

Investigators say he may also be implicated in several other residential burglaries in the southwest suburbs.

Knife Wielding Home Invader Breaks In Through Sliding Glass Door / WFTV - Palm Bay, Fl -- 911 tapes were released of a frantic mother after her home was broken into when her son was there alone. Palm Bay investigators said the robber broke into the home on Roxburry Court through the sliding glass door Tuesday morning. The suspect threatened the 12-year-old with a knife and tied him up with a power cord, then burglarized the home. The suspect escaped with a 42-inch television and a Wii gaming system.

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Sliding glass doors are secured by latches not locks. They are
vulnerable to being forced open from the outside because of these inherently defective latch mechanisms. It's time that you got a real sliding glass door lock to protect your family! offers the best sliding door locks and patio door locks available.

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