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The SafeSlider Cal Double Bolt Lock is Easy to Install and is Rated as the Best Sliding Door Lock by Consumers
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SafeSlider Double Bolt Lock - 29.95
This lock is ALL YOU NEED to Make Your Slider Safe and Secure.

Now Available in White, Black and Aluminum.

This extremely popular lock uses double bolt steel locking mechanism testing at 1000 lbs. of direct pressure. The lock protects against break-ins by preventing crooks from lifting sliding door panels out and entering your home. Even sliding doors that are locked using the factory latch can easily be jimmied up and out of their tracks. The SafeSlider Double Bolt Lock is also a favorite for parents that need to childproof their sliding glass doors and prevent toddlers from wandering out on their own into dangerous situations.

SafeSlider's Additional Accessories and Hardware
Interlocking Latch  
SafeSlider Interlocking Latch & Lock- 49.95
This hardware requires the SafeSlider Double Bolt Lock
Available in White, Black and Aluminum

Available in White, Black and Aluminum, This optional piece of hardware can be used in tandem with the SafeSlider Double Bolt Lock on a pair of glass sliding doors that meet in the center. Many 3 panel doors can use this set-up where the doors meet. It can also be used on any flat surface to match and lock that surface into place with the SafeSlider Double Bolt Lock. Both pieces included, the lock and the latch.

Door Guardian Security Door Lock - New from Safe Slider
safeslider double bolt sliding door lock
Door Guardian Security Door Lock - 24.95
This lock is ALL YOU NEED to make ALL OF YOUR DOORS Safe and Secure.

This proven and popular after-market door lock is the choice for anyone who wants to add tremendous security to their exterior doors and child proof any door inside or out. The simple mechanism is easy to operate and installation can be done by anyone with a drill and drill bit.

The Only Door Locks You Need For Security and Childproofing Your Home
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