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Don't Waste Time With Plastic Solutions, Get Cal Double Bolt Lock Metal Security. Safe. Secure.
Effective protection against intruders and for child safety
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Your Family's Safety and Security is the
most important thing to you.
We only offer products are the absolute
best solutions for childproofing your home
and adding security against criminals with
secure double bolt sliding door locks and child
proof door locks and child proof sliding door
locks. Do the research, read some of our
real customer reviews and watch our videos -
Then decide.
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child proof locks
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Find Out How Easy Our Sliding Door Locks Are To Install - Cal Double Lock Patio Door Locks Installation Video

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The Cal Double Bolt Lock difference

  If you have young children in your home, you know all too well how hard it is to keep eyes on them at all times. With the SafeSlider child proof patio door locks installed, you can make sure that young ones do not become tempted to open the sliding glass doors on their own and expose themselves to potential danger.  

These patio door locks prevent sliding glass doors from being LIFTED OUT from their tracks. Most factory installed locks or after-market products do not shut this open door into your home. Criminals know how easy it is to lift a door panel out of it’s track. Over 4 million Double Bolt patio door locks have been sold. Read some testimonials from buyers of our sliding door locks talking about our product. Isn't it time you took advantage of this great way tosliding door locks increase safety Cal Double bolt locks guard yourself and your family. Our patio door locks are great protection from break-in's, but more importantly for many - the childproof sliding door locks make sure that young ones don't unintentionally walk out of your sliding glass door. So many toddlers have wandered out a slider that has an easy to open, non-child proof patio door lock within the reach of small hands. Invest in the child proof sliding door locksthat will protect your family and keep your children safe from danger, the SafeSlider Solution! Use PayPal or a credit card to order your patio door locks now

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Compare our Patio Door Locks to other choices and you will find that our patented lock is far superior. Our lock uses an external lock assembly designed specifically for sliding glass door security. Our US patent states that "NO SIMILAR LOCK to the one disclosed in the present invention has ever been designed, constructed or made available in the US market before." Safe Slider's Double Bolt Lock has a sleek, aesthetic, low profile design. As a result, the sliding glass door locks fit easily within the limited space available between the sliding glass door frame and the interior of the door panel. This amazingly simple device is EASY TO INSTALL and has been testing to provide over 1000 lbs of Forced Entry Load Tension (AAMA 1303.5) verified by Hurricane Engineering & Testing, Inc. Our breakthrough design provides a sliding door lock that is virtually BURGLAR-PROOF.
Before you buy our sliding door locks, compare   Protection worth the price - quality patio door locks
We are confident that you will come back to SafeSlider for your purchase of the sliding door lock that you want to trust to protect your family and security. There are plastic sliding door locks, complicated multi-part sliding door locks, clunky sharp edged bar sliding door locks and many less expensive sliding door locks. But when shoppers weigh our solid, metal to metal, easy to install, lasting sliding door lock solution against the competition - they usually end up deciding to buy the best protection available in a sliding door lock today - the SafeSlider Sliding Door Lock Your family and home are the most important things there are. Don't cut corners with a cheap patio door lock solution that will fall off your door a few weeks after you stick it on. Worse yet, don't compromise on quality and find out that the force load on the inexpensive patio door lock is not adequate to prevent a break-in. Do your shopping, and read the details - then when you decide that the best patio door lock is what you want to trust your family's security and protection to, we know that you will be back to purchase the best patio door lock here!

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