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Whether you are a new parent, or have young ones that are already on the move you probably realize the tremendous importance of childproofing your home. Basic rule of thumb is, if they can get into it - they will. The web is a great resource to learn about how to childproof your home and any baby store is stocked with lots of great products that help parents do just that. One area that seems to get left out is child proof sliding door locks. Remember, if they can reach it, they will open it! And don't forget if there is a stool or a nearby item that will serve as a platform to help them reach it, they will be very creative and before you know it the door is open and they are exploring areas that could lead to dangerous situations.

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The sliding door locks we offer put a barrier between what the child thinks is a good idea and what is a safe situation. Normally the closing mechanisms that are called "sliding door locks" are really latches, not locks - and are easy to reach by children, especially by teams of children! So if you have two or more working together and they have 10 minutes to work on it, they can be outside playing without your knowledge in no time. Unfortunately, we have all heard the sad stories of missing children and children unattended just for a very short time who wander away. Those who have pools, water, roads or other hazards outside of their doors are in even greater need of sliding door locks that they can count on. There are other sliding door locks available, but SafeSlider's child proof slliding door locks are a tested and proven solution. It is easy to install and virtually impossible for small children to open on their own. So take a look at all the products on the market, then decide on the best for your children - SafeSlider's sliding door locks.

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Just because it snowed last night, and mom is still sleeping, does not mean that "Johny" should go sledding! But without good slidingdoor locks, Johny may be headed for trouble.
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We advise that you mount the slider locks about 10 to 15 inches above the latch on the sliding glass door. This prevents them from climbing up or reaching up and opening the double bolt lock. To open our sliding door locks you need to reach above and below the locking assembly at the same time and release the pins. Another advantage of the Safe Slider sliding door locks is that it is clearly visible whether the lock is engaged or not, so it is more likely that parents will see if it is open, and make sure to keep it in the locked position. On a normal latch, it is a common problem that the door gets left completely open and unlatched, because it is not visible whether the latch is engaged. Most burglaries through sliding glass doors take place with the door completely unsecured. Isn't it time that you secure your home and family with quality sliding door locks and lock out crime while you protect your children?

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