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child proof patio door locks
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If you own a pool, or your home is near a body of water, we don't need to tell you about the danger right outside your patio door waiting for your children to discover. Now, with our child proof patio door locks you can rest assured that they will not unlatch the sliding door and get themselves into trouble. Don't let your child wander out unsecured sliding doors, get the SafeSlider patio door locks now. They are easy to install and well worth the investment.
Childproofing your home is a number one concern for new parents. As you begin parenting, you will start to see how ingenious toddlers can be when it comes to getting themselves where they don't belong! A trip to your local Big Box Hardware store or Baby Store will give you plenty of equipment to do what needs to be done around your home to keep it safe for your children. And if you are a grandparent or other caregiver that has children over on a regular basis, please take some precautions and do your childproofing too. But child proof patio doors have always been forgotten, probably because they have a latch that comes with the door. Problem is, the latch is usually within reach of toddlers and is not child proof. On top of that, it does not offer any real protection from break-ins like our proven SafeSlider patio door locks do.

child proof patio door locks


One overlooked hazard that needs to be child proof is the patio door. This is one of the favorite "break out" spots for
children. The closing mechanism is usually a latch, not a lock. This means that it is easier for children to operate than it is for adults to secure. Child proof patio door locks are a must to make sure that children remain safely inside the home. Just a short time unattended and your child can move a hassock in place and climb up and let themselves out to "go play". We have all heard the horror stories of how this incident can end. Those homes that are adjacent to a road or other hazards, have all the more reason to secure their home with patio door locks. If you have more than one child working together, you would be amazed at the trouble that they can get into.

child proof patio door locks
patio door locks add security


Safe Slider's patio door locks are a proven solution and they have been thoroughly tested. Our child proof patio door locks are easy to install and quite reasonably priced considering what is at stake. We advise that the lock be installed above the existing latch, out of reach of enterprising youngsters. To open this double bolt lock, you need to reach above and below the locking assembly and release the pins. It will be virtually impossible for young children to open the door once the SafeSlider patio door locks are installed. Parents can tell at a glance whether the lock in engaged or not, reducing the chances of accidently leaving it unlocked.

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