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Our Newest Product - The Door Guardian!

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We are pleased to now be offering the Door Guardian, one of the strongest after-market door locks available. This all metal door lock is 12 times as strong as the traditional dead bolt lock. You can look all over, but this lock is the best! This popular device is extremely easy to install for anyone. The lock comes complete with full installation instructions and all hardware needed to install. All you need is a drill and drill bit to get the job done yourself.

Increased Home Security and Child Proof Doors

security door lock for home Keep your children safe from wandering out of the house through a door that they are able to reach and unlock at the door handle by installing the Door Guardian Security Door Lock high enough that it is out of their reach. Your home will be safer against an attempted break-in too because the lock is strong enough to resist forced entry. Don't wait another day to secure your home. For the price of a dinner
you can secure your door.
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Easy to Install Door Guardian Security Door Lock - Simple, Smart & Secure

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Childproofing all of your doors was never simpler and more secure that with the Door Guardian. The door lock is mounted above the built in lock set out of reach of small children. Ease of operation is a real hit with parents and everyone that is looking for a simple way to add security to their home. Watch the videos below and you will see just how easy the Door Guardian Door Lock works.

Increased Home Security and Child Proof Doors

door locks for childproofing your home Anyone still using door chains to help secure their doors is asking for trouble. They are so easy to break, even a child pushing on a door can break most chains. Deadbolts offer little more protection as they are secured by short screws that can easily be dislodged when enough pressure is put on the door from the outside. One swift kick and most crooks will be in if you are only using a deadbolt to add security.

How Does The Door Guardian Door Lock Work?

  The Door Guardian was designed to work on virtually all exterior and interior doors in homes, condos and apartments. The lock will resist forced entry stopping crooks in their tracks. The lock works on wood door jambs and metal jambs too. Included in every order is the Door Guardian Security Door Lock, 3" drywall screws, self-tapping screws and full instructions for installation.  

Moms Can Install The Door Guardian Security Lock

  The actual solid metal mechanism locks by swinging into place over a latch that is mounted on the front of the door. The lock snaps securely into place preventing any movement of the door even if it is unlocked at the door handle. This is one of the few after-market devices that really does work well against crime from the outside, while childproofing your home from the inside at the same time!  

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